• Is our jewelries are plated?

- No It's not Plated, All our jewelries are 14 Karat Gold Filled and 925 Sliver.

  • Why 925 Silver is blackened specially when it's covered and kept in their boxes and not wear for long time?

- 925 Silver is a high quality Silver that can be oxidized or blackened when exposed to oxygen or sulfur particles in the air. So we usually advise the customer to store it in the same zip lock bag (or removed air bag) that we send it with it or any airtight container.

- Since it is a high quality 925 silver piece, you don't have to worry if it got tarnished. Simply, you just need to clean it with any silver cleaning clothes.

  • Are we Selling per weight?

- No, we are selling per piece not weight.

  • Can the customer buy our pieces for investment purposes?

- If you want to buy a gold for investment purposes you are advised to go for 24k gold for maximum benefit. Furthermore, you cannot sell
14karat gold filled in United Arab Emirates.

  • Did the 14 karat gold filled pieces get tarnished?

- No, we give lifetime guarantee on all our pieces, including color.
You may need to clean it from time to time with gold cleaning clothes to make it bright as usual.

  • Can I customize a piece for a newborn baby?

- Sure, All our pieces are customized as per the customer request, so we can customize any name with any size (Baby day 1 to adult) and any Swarovski color.